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7,000%  Increase in Visitors over 3 Months


Client’s Industry: Finance

Challenge: Improve traffic figures. Build a strong Internet marketing, SEO strategy to take on competitors. Improve website ranking on Google search. Get relevant traffic that converts. 


Solution: Optimize the website for best traffic generating words in the clients industry. Implement an ongoing Search engine optimization campaign aimed at boosting the clients website’s ranking for the relevant terms. Continuous site performance reviews to make sure we are on the right track towards seo.

Situation: As opposed to the industry average client’s website was seeing significantly low visitor count at approx. 20-25 visitors per day (includes Organic SEO and other sources). This was also impacting the bottom-line of the client as the website was not generating enough business for him. Low visitor count was also impeding the client from building his website’s brand presence.

Analysis: Our search engine optimisation experts studied client’s website and we zeroed in on the on-page issues that needed to be addressed to make the website more search engine friendly. Simultaneously a Link analysis of the website was conducted to understand its link profile, and pinpoint the areas of concern in the same. To cap it all a Competitor analysis was also conducted to assess client’s website vis-à-vis his competitors on the critical parameters which were likely to affect client’s ROI.

Solution Implementation: Based on the analysis, our team implemented the On-page changes as required. These changes were quickly picked up by search engines and client’s website received ranking boost due to same. However this boost was not enough and as client was looking for more through the search engine optimisation services and moreover from this SEO campaign . We implemented an extensive link building strategy, which focused on building only good quality relevant links for the clients website. Regular monitoring of the website was being conducted by our team, and as our work progressed the results started to pour in right away. Increasing visitor graph and improving ROI’s were bringing a smile on our clients face.

Time frame: We had promised client significant improvement in ROI and visitors within 3 months, of beginning our work, and we delivered on our promise.

Success is Sweet:

·         Visitors to client’s website increased from 25 visitors per day to 1800 visitors per day.

·         Revenue from website improved by 100%.

·         Oh yes and we did add to the client’s ROI too, by increasing it to 70%.

Client is grinning from ear to ear and so are we.Desire to have such unexpected results, contact us Now or submit your website for complete SEO Analysis